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Psychology of Instagram: Impact of Instagram on Mind Health

Social media is a land of fantasies and magic It leads you to the enchanting trip of a truly beautiful land that will make you feel content. In the age of digital the younger generation is not able to distinguish between reality and fiction and that is why they are so afflicted with mental health problems. Are you aware that an average teenager can be found spending 9 hours per day using social media accounts according to the latest research? If they're not learning they are glued to tablets and mobile phones and is not interacting with real world. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook is the sole medium that they use to interact with each other.

Are there any social media bettings on the users?

It is, in fact, one of the best ways to stay in touch with your family and friends that is beneficial. However, keep in mind that this platform can be exhausting and be detrimental to all ages particularly teenagers.

The UK Royal Society for Public Health examines adolescents and young adults in relation to their behavior on social media. What was the result? Fear of being left out or being bullied, anxiety, and depression are some of the factors that Insta can trigger in children's minds. Are you aware that it can alter the sleep pattern and create a negative impression on your body?

According to the behavior health expert from Abington-Jefferson Health, the more social networks a child is exposed to, the greater are the risk of depression and anxiety. It is now their responsibility to respond, monitor and monitor social media messages and that's not the best thing.

It's not all glitter.

Another negative effect of every social media platform is the fact that it is easy for young minds to be able to identify with other people. One swipe and an arrow click they see the wrong image of the world. They believe that everything glitters is gold, however, it's not.

In addition to other problems Physical compression is the main issue in social handles. According to Lopacinski, we look at every tit and piece of social handles at the physical worth. However, a photo with special filters and flawless editing tools is a common thing. This constant compression of the world of fantasy could result in:

  • Body humiliation

  • low-self esteem

  • self-doubt

Girls and boys are struggling to be a part of their peer group and to be as similar to their peers. Nowadays, people are under a lot of pressure to take selfies for Insta and the unique poses for their social media accounts. Teens today spend the majority of their time using Instagram and are trying to live an unreal life.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

Who said you shouldn't utilize social media to have enjoyment and pleasure, however, do not let it to consume your life. You just need to be disciplined and make an effort to use Insta. It is impossible to stop the younger generation from using social media, however you can help them use more effectively. The professor of mental health Lopaciski is a strong advocate of the methods that include :

  • the warning for heavy usage that is displayed on your smartphone when you go over the limit.

  • Also, be aware of the edited images, and many more.

Teenagers should take measures to safeguard themselves, especially in the case of dealing with social media-related issues.

  • social pressure

  • Depression

  • anxiety

Here are some of the strategies used of the Lopacinski that illustrates how to make use of this social network platform.

Mindful Media:

If you have a good understanding of the effects that the platforms for communication have on people then you must inquire about things like:

  • Do I have my arm straight and straight?

  • Are I clenching my jaw in the course of using Insta?

  • Do I look happy, smiling and content online?

  • What is it that I am looking at?

  • Are I forming a connection with an individual? Do I feel good?

  • Are they helpful?

  • Do you think it is a good use of time?

Facebook Friday, Facebook Fifteen and Facebook

Are you looking to stop the daily use of social media handles? If so, do this as Facebook Friday. Choose the dates for the use of the different

Social handles platforms.

  • Snapchat for Saturday

  • Twitter on Tuesday

If you're not happy to set the days of the week to use these handles set the time for each social media account. You can limit your usage up to fifteen minutes. Instagram will remind you of your daily use of it.


Here's a second suggestion to reduce the usage on social networks. You must log in whenever you receive the message from your family members and friends. In this way you will be able to reduce the amount of mindless scrolling that can be detrimental to your brain.

As stated by Lopacinski teenagers can definitely benefit from the social media handle for shock. They should concentrate on the use of the platform alongside the and the community of advertisers they love.


Are you a teenager and experiencing the negative consequences on social media? If so, follow these suggestions to live a happy as well-balanced lives. If you have any mental health issue, such as anxiety or depression, see your doctor.

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